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  • “Boxwood played a valuable role in connecting us with an outstanding team and helping us facilitate a successful transaction. We’d like to thank them for their hard work and professional guidance throughout the transaction process.”

    Craig Warznak
    Vice President
  • “The Boxwood team drove a well-structured process that exceeded all of our expectations. Boxwood was very professional, process oriented, and really helped us find the ideal partner and transaction for the next growth phase of our business.”

    Mike Thomas
    Co-Founder and CEO
  • "We are pleased to see Red Rock join Shockoe Commerce Group’s portfolio of health and fitness companies and look forward to its future under new ownership.”

    Tom Amon
    RedRock Fitness
  • “We are excited to partner with Daniel and the reQuire team to help facilitate further growth in the coming years. The Company has established itself as the leader within their niche industry and provides a valuable service to all stakeholders in a real estate transaction. We’d also like to commend the Boxwood team, whose efforts were instrumental in consummating this transaction.”

    Bob Levine
    Managing Partner
    L2 Capital
  • “We are very excited to partner with Paul and his team for the next step of NSC’s growth. We’d also like to commend the Boxwood team for their efforts on this transaction. Their assistance was invaluable to the closing of the deal.”

    Elie Azar
    Managing Director
    White Wolf Capital
  • "The Boxwood team played an integral role in the closing of this transaction as we were able to rely on them to help guide us through every step of the process. We believe Boxwood was able to find us the perfect partner to help us take NSC to the next level.”

    Steve Sanchez
    NSC Technologies
  • “Boxwood played a valuable role in connecting us with an outstanding team and helping us facilitate a successful transaction.”

    Meranee Phing
    Managing Director
    The Riverside Company
  • “The Boxwood team drove a well-structured and timely process that exceeded all expectations. Their knowledge of the food industry and private equity markets helped us make well-informed decisions throughout the process. Boxwood was very professional, process oriented, and easy to work with – they really helped us find the ideal partner & transaction for the next growth phase of our business.”

    Greg Hodder
    Parker Products, Inc
  • "Boxwood was easy to work with. knowledgeable and quick to respond to questions or issues which helped us close the transaction efficiently."

    Ed McMahan
    Falfurrias Capital Partners
  • "The Boxwood team has exceeded all expectations from the very beginning of this process, and we relied on them heavily throughout the entire transaction. Boxwood was very professional, process oriented and easy to work with - they really helped us find the ideal partner for our business."

    Tammy Derosier
    Dorsey Wright and Associates
  • "Patrick targeted and led the acquisition of by Boxwood Capital Partners. Patrick proved to be a fair and reasonable business partner, very hands-on and detail oriented. The sale of the company was completed in a timely and very professional manner. Similarly, the transition from our management team was truly a model of how to keep business operations running smoothly during a time of change. I feel very confident in recommending Patrick as an astute business partner and manager."

    Bruce Cabral
    VP, Business Development
    Co-owner of CanAm Internet
  • "We appreciate Boxwood assisting us in finding the right partner and look forward to working with Ted Carroll and Earl Macomber as our company enters a new phase of its growth."

    Rasmussen Reports, LLC
  • "Boxwood was very knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with - they really helped us achieve our goals and get this deal done."

    John Webster
    NMR and SealTech
  • "Patrick provided superior results for our company. He is very personable, reliable, punctual, and responsive. As well, he is extremely knowledgeable about the field of Private Equity investment. I would hire him again, without hesitation."

    Susan Morrison
    Senior Vice President
    Dorsey Wright and Associates
  • "A brilliant job from beginning to end in a very complicated transaction. Although we have been in the business of finance and brokerage for 25 years, we could never have facilitated this transaction without Boxwood. I would use them again in any transaction we consider in the future. It would be a waste of our time and money to try to duplicate the extensive knowledge Pat and Boxwood have in the field. I would recommend them to anyone about to enter the maze of Private Equity. On the other side of the balance sheet, we invest with them on deals they bring to market."

    Tom Dorsey
    Dorsey Wright and Associates

Our Client Philosophy

Boxwood Partner’s highly skilled individuals can tackle the most complex challenges. Our unique team allows for the dedicated customer experience received from a small bank, with the resources and expertise of a large bank. Being a boutique firm in a highly competitive environment gives Boxwood the entrepreneurial mindset that is essential to serving clients in the middle-market.

Our primary objective is to regard each and every client as supremely important; doing so drives the focus on delivering high quality service. Our commitment is to not only close the deal, but to also find buyers that meet the objectives of our client’s goals. We take the time to listen to what our clients want to accomplish, and are never shy about offering our own perspective. Our approach to client service is to provide as much value as possible while delivering results in a timely fashion.

As a trusted advisor, Boxwood offers our clients thoughtful, straightforward, and concise advice from experienced professionals. Our highest priority is to exceed expectations and ultimately deliver exceptional results. Boxwood’s capability to understand complex circumstances and situations, effectively convey key business success drivers and future opportunities, access the most suitable group of prospective buyers, and flawlessly execute a competitive sales process truly sets us apart from other firms. Boxwood walks clients through every step of the M&A process and performs an unsurpassed level of due diligence until the deal is closed. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients in order to illustrate our commitment to and build trust with our clients. We always deliver on our promises, and perform with the utmost level of integrity.